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Why Us?

Pitchford Vending is the premier choice in vending services. We offer exceptional quality service and products which sets us far apart from the rest.
Making the decision to offer vending services at your business is very important. There are so many benefits that vending services will bring with no cost or responsibility on your part. Vending machines are FREE to you.

Employees love vending machines because it provides them with a huge convenience. Being able to purchase food and drink at the workplace will make employees happy, more productive, and alert.

Customers also love vending machines. Again, convenience. Convenience is so important to people today. Everyone is looking for ways to save time. By offering vending machines at your location, you are giving your customers a huge convenience.

Customer Service is #1

Pitchford Vending’s top priority is customer service. We make sure to answer all of our clients’ questions and concerns. Our response time is very fast. Whether it be the initial vending machine set up, restocking the machine, problems with the machine or something simple, we make sure that we get it done right and in a timely manner.  You can depend on us to always be there.

Make Your Choice

Pitchford Vending allows businesses to choose what vending machines they want to have and what products they want to offer.

Here To Serve You

Pitchford Vending is here to service you. We are here to accommodate you. You can be certain that if you utilize our services, the vending machines will be fully stocked and serviced in a timely manner.


We offer vending services in the Corona, CA area.
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All Brand Name Machines!
We supply a variety of equipment, in order to fit into any location and meet any organization’s requirements.
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Pitchford Vending is owned and operated by Keyona Pitchford. Service and quality is what we are all about. Our service is unmatched. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. So we always go above and beyond to satisfy our customers. In addition to impeccable service, the quality of the vending machines we offer matches the service we provide.

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